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What is #W3Develops?

W3Develops is where people come to Learn, Build, Collaborate, and Deploy projects. We are a open-source community for those of us who don't have the money/time for expensive coding bootcamps.

Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals with similar goals. Get experience by collaborating in motivated teams with people who are also working through the challenges alongside you. Build real portfolio projects that you can show to potential employers and share with your family

Why should you join W3Develops?

W3Develops helps anyone who is just getting started with learning to programming to get access to high quality free online courses that teach students to code. Some courses we give you such as freeCodeCamp partners them with nonprofit organizations to provide a way for you to further hone, develop, and contribute the skills you gain to a mutually benificial cause. You will be abe to put the experience you gain on your resume and the non profit will be able to use the code you contribute to help more people not as fortunate as us.

Furthermore W3Develops connects developers to resources and documentation for learning Open Web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, APIs, and many more, as well as references, tutorials, developer guides, and much more.

We offer the opportunity to collaborate on projects with other developers and forge new relationships with other like minded individuals.

You will be given the tools to hone your skills, build your portfolio, and gain valuable hands on experience by contributing to non profits.

Access to documentation, references, and tools for the latest technologies are free for quick quick access when you need to look up how to use unfamiliar technologies

How to get started!

This website is still under development. If you really want to get started then you can help out and start building your skills by going to github and contributing to the development of this website by learning how to use git & github, designing pages for the site, and even finding bugs and reporting them.

Build something. To make this a strong website we need strong members, and we will only ever be as good as the people around us, so take a moment and reflect and know you can do better and you will do better, so long as you try. Climbing a mountian starts with the first step. "Practice makes permanent"

Invite your friends to contribute and let them know your building the best collaboration based developer site on the world wide web.